Men’s Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Replica Watches

Because of excellent design and innovative technology, the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Replica Watches are welcomed by a large number of watch lovers.

Omega men's watchThe diameter of the Omega men’s copy watches can be divided into 41.5mm and 38.5mm with master co-axial calibers, which can prevent magnetic field interference and maintain the reliability and accuracy. On the dial, there are 12 cone-shape hour markers, and a date aperture is shown at the direction of 3 o’clock. Besides, 60 minutes are marked on the outer ring of the hour markers, and every five minutes are shown with Arabic numerals.

Omega men's watch1The men’s Omega fake watches have a variety kinds to be chosen. The case can be made of 18K red gold, 18K gold, stainless steel or bicolour, which can be matched with the same leather or bracelet strap. Moreover, the dial of champagne, grey, black, silvery and blue can be chosen. Thanks to the high quality, the date of the best Omega copy watches for men only needs to be adjusted once every year. With the beautiful and delicate design, the top Omega replica watches are on hot sale.

OMEGA BOND SPECIAL: What replica watches will 007 wear next?

The credits have barely finished rolling on Spectre and already we’re thinking about the future. Will Daniel Craig pick up the Walther PPK one final time, and if not him, then who? But more important even than the man himself is the Omega replica watches he wears. Naturally, it’ll be Omega – but which one? Sure, he’s been faithful to the Seamaster since Goldfinger, but he’s also tried the Aqua Terra for size a few times – so there’s no reason why he couldn’t branch out into the brand’s other collections.

The Globemaster

replica-omega-globemasterBond attends a large number of black tie events, casinos, gala openings, secret cabalistic meetings – you know, the usual. These occasions can degenerate into brawls and/or gun fights without a moment’s notice, which necessitates a cheap Replica Omega Globemaster watches that works just as well with a bow tie as it does a submachine gun. Tricky. Our suggestion would be the Globemaster. While dressy, it’s not fussily so, particularly in the steel model with tungsten carbide bezel, which would defend itself well against dings or scratches caused by hapless henchmen.

The PloProf 1200M

Replica-Omega-PloprofThe odds are good that Bond will have future run-ins with sharks (possibly equipped with lasers). During the inevitable underwater struggle, 007 could do a lot worse than Omega’s deep diving PloProf. This new titanium version won’t weigh him down. Meanwhile, Q branch would have a field day with this thing. Just look at that giant button, just screaming ‘blow something up’.

Speedmaster Skywalker X-33

Replica-Omega-skywalker-x-33Bond’s adventures have always followed geo-political trends – from Cold War Connery to Craig’s realist post-9/11 spy. Given this precedent along with our current real-world renewed interest in space, it’s not implausible that Bond will again venture into the final frontier – perhaps a Martian mission is being hi-jacked, or a super-villain is plundering the resources of the moon for nefarious purposes. Whatever the scenario, there’s no doubt the replica Omega watches sale on his wrist should be Omega’s next generation moon watch, the feature packed digital Speedmaster X-33.

Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon Black

Replica-Omega-Speedmaster-BlackHe might be a secret agent, but he’s always preferred the direct approach, and he’s far more likely to confidently walk straight into the jaws of danger than ninja his way into a lair. But, if he ever needed to swap the tailored dinner jacket for more tactical gear, this blacked-out ceramic Speedmaster would provide maximum stealthiness.

Vintage Seamaster

Replica-Omega-Seamaster-vintageEven though he’s continually kitted out with the latest and greatest, at heart Bond is a traditionalist – so it would be entirely appropriate for him to step out in a vintage piece. Given his naval background, what better option than this 1957 Omega Replica Seamaster. (Does that lollipop hand look familiar?) Plus it’d go brilliantly with his Aston Martin DB5.

Hands On The New Omega Replica Globemaster Watches

With its sight set on the stars ever since it became the first Omega replica watches brand to step onto the moon, Omega continues to celebrate space exploration with the launch of the vintage-inspired Globemaster.

Omega-Replica-Globemaster-2015-Blue-WatchesCall the brand nostalgic, but Omega seems to have dived into the archives when designing its 2015 collection.

After resurfacing the very retro Seamaster Ploprof 1200M and celebrating the 1970 Apollo 13 mission with a Snopy Award watch, the brand is now introducing an elegant wrist replica watches that looks like it could have been picked up from the auction block. In a good way.

Omega-Replica-Seamaster-Ploprof-1200M-Master-Chronometer-Co-Axial-Blue-DialThe 39-mm Replica Omega Globemaster harkens back to historic models by featuring the iconic pie-pan dial made famous by the Constellation models in 1952. Surrounding the dial and its central hour, minute, seconds hands, and date, is a fluted bezel. It’s a timeless design, and it looks brilliant on the wrist. But don’t be fooled. The Omega Globemaster represents the brand’s most advanced mechanical movement in its history.

In addition to having an independent lab measuring the performance of the watch in typical daily conditions (COSC), the new Omega Replica Globemaster also undergoes rigorous tests to ensure it functions properly when exposed to strong magnetic fields.

Replica-Omega-Globemaster-2015-Blue-WatchesOmega’s reverence for precise performance is captured on the caseback, where an etching of an observatory cupola symbolizes Omega’s success in precision competitions from the last century, as well as its desire to reach new heights and explore uncharted territory in the field of mechanics.

Omega-Globemaster-Replica-Blue-WatchesThe Omega Replica Globemaster is available in steel and yellow gold, as well as the brand developped Segna gold, and comes presented on a bracelet or leather strap, with prices starting around $7,700.

Vintage 1970 Omega Replica Seamaster Chronometer ref 166.010 watches

The cheap Omega Replica Seamaster line of watches has a long and illustrious history. Beginning in 1948 with the dress/sport model CK2518, to the iconic professional CK2913 diver, through multiple other iterations of dress/sport and professional dive models up to the innumerable current offerings. I won’t even attempt a complete history, as that’s the stuff that coffee table books are made of. However, there is one scarcer model in particular that I am quite fond of, and it is that one that we’ll discuss today: The 1970 Omega Seamaster Chronometer Officially Certified reference 166.010.

OMEGA_SEAMASTER_CHRONOMETER_166010Over the decades, Omega made several different dress/sport model variations that included the “Chronometer” designation with accompanying chronometer rated movement. Most of the 1950’s through 1970’s chronometers made by Omega were in the top end dress Replica Omega Constellation watches line, but they did deign to make some of their Seamasters with these higher end movements. The model discussed today is housed in the reference 166.010 stainless steel case. This case has a more classic “oyster” style to it, rather than the more commonly (and popular) Seamaster cases with the well known “beefy lugs”. The case measures a perfect 36mm wide with 18mm lugs. By this time, Omega had switched from the earlier snap-on casebacks to a more stout screw in back, but still kept the classic seamonster logo embossed on the back.

The case finish is simple, with a wide polished bezel, and polished top and back, while the sides of the case have a nice vertical brushed finish. The crown is a simple knurled crown with the Omega logo, a departure from the classic clover leaf style crowns of the earlier Seamasters. The crystal is a nicely domed acrylic type, without the irksome (IMHO) cyclops magnifier for the date. It does have the nice touch of being signed in the middle of the underside with a tiny raised Omega logo. I just love that little Omega symbol.

OMEGA_SEAMASTER_CHRONOMETER_166010_3The dial is pure, classic understatement. A beautiful silver with radial brushed finish, steel baton markers with black (onyx I believe) inlays, and a simple framed date window at three o’clock. It has the applied steel Omega logo below the twelve, along with printed script: Omega replica, Automatic, Chronometer, Officially Certified. That may seem like a lot of text, but it is reasonably small and delicate and done in a cool font; it’s really not obtrusive at all. Lastly, there is the stylized Seamaster script above the six. Dauphine style hands with black line inlays round out the simple, classic and classy look. The only thing that would improve it in my opinion would be no date window, but alas I can’t have it all I suppose. Nevertheless, it is a timeless and understated design that looks just as good today as it did in 1970.

As with any chronometer variation, it’s the movement that makes this model special. This one is powered by the 24 jewel automatic Omega caliber 564 movement. The chronometer grade movements were more finely adjusted, and this one is adjusted to five positions and temperatures. All the Omega movements of this era had their famous copper plating, giving them a really nice rose gold-like look to them. Pretty much every Omega movement I’ve ever seen has a high polish finish, but this one is different. It has a matte finish to the copper plating, which is kind of neat. To be honest, I’m not sure why there is a difference, but I do like it.

OMEGA_SEAMASTER_CHRONOMETER_166010_5The movement beats at 19,800 BPH, with a healthy power reserve of 50 hours. During this era Omega was a true manufacture, making their movements in-house. Later they moved to ETA based movements, which were still good but lacking the caché of in-house. A nice touch on this model is that the date has a true quickset feature. The crown has two detents, the first is for setting the time, and if you pull the crown out to the second detent it will advance the date one day. By clicking the crown between the first and second stops, the date can be quickly and easily advanced as many days as needed. This is a great feature for OCD collectors like me who are compelled to set the date each time I wear any watch. Since I have around 80 watches, any given watch might go weeks or months between time on the wrist, so it’s nice to be able to quickset the date rather than having to move the hands back and forth between nine and 12, like most vintage Replica Omega Seamaster watches not made by Seiko.

This model would have originally come with either a leather strap with Omega signed buckle, or the famous Omega beads of rice bracelet. Mine shown here has the bracelet, which I just love. The beads of rice is quite simply the most comfortable bracelet design ever, and it looks killer to boot. While a leather strap with signed buckle is definitely a dressier look, I think the beads of rice bracelet completes this watch like nothing else. It is comfortable, easy to clean (not that anyone ever did back in the day…..), and easily adjustable.

OMEGA_SEAMASTER_CHRONOMETER_166010_6While vintage Seamasters are on store by the hundreds on any given day, this model is actually fairly scarce. You can find the non-chronometer version of a 166.010 more frequently though. I would say the non-chronometer version in good condition could be found for around $500-750, while the chronometer variation might fetch upwards of $1200 depending on condition and seller. The beads of rice bracelet is going to add around $200 on top of that. Still, compared to the cost of other in-house made Swiss dress watches of the era, these are a bargain. This model is easily one of my all time favorites. With its classic design, chronometer grade in-house movement and perfect dress fake Omega watches size, this Seamaster just can’t be beat.