Replica Omega Speedmaster Buyer’s Guide

Let’s start with the modern Omega Replica Speedmaster Professional though. A lot of questions we receive are about serial numbers, what details to pay attention to and how credible certain sellers are. With regards to the serial numbers, there are a couple of lists floating around on the internet, but we always use Roman Hartmann’s list of serial numbers. This includes the serial numbers of the very early Speedmaster watches, but also covers more recent models.

Omega Speedmaster Buyer's Guide

Although everyone has access to these overviews, strangely enough some sellers still get it wrong and mix the Speedmaster serial numbers with other Omega watches’ serial numbers (there is a difference!) and get you wrong production years.

Omega does not provide details on watches after 2000, so it becomes a bit difficult to find specific information or extract of the archives on those. However, in our opinion, a watch produced after 2000 should always come with box and papers. Check the serial number (Omega calls it movement number) in one of the lugs on the backside of the watch to the number on the warranty card. It should match at all times.

Another thing to pay attention to when it comes to modern Speedmasters is of course visible damage (if the watch has had some hard knocks, resulting in deep scratches or dings, imagine what type of blows the movement had to deal with). If so, always make sure to ask about its servicing / repair history. If possible, have the fake Omega watches for men tested for its accuracy (it will also show you in how much degrees the balance wheel rotates). If there is no service history or no way to check the performance of the Speedmaster, make sure that you will include the cost of a service in the final price you want to pay.

In case of a limited edition or special edition Speedmaster, get yourself familiar with the original packaging, booklets, certificates and possible accessories. Some limited editions came with a specific box or had a special book that was delivered together with the watch. However, besides a full set it is important to be convinced that it is the real deal and not a put-together watch. The supply of spare limited edition dial (such as the 2004 Japan Racing model or the 2003 Snoopy Award model) and case backs is staggering, so make sure to checkout the corresponding numbers on the certificates.

However, what surprised us most with the relatively modern Speedmasters is the fact that they some times come with wrong bracelets. Surely, they are delivered on original Omega bracelets but ones that either too new or too old. Early 1990s models with post-2000 bracelets are often on offer or modern Speedmasters with the famous reference 1171 bracelet. It doesn’t make sense and it is easy to identify by you as a buyer.

In case you remain to have doubts about a watch, it is better to look for another deal.

Perhaps the most important rule is very generic, but also very true: always buy the seller. Has he proven to be reliable in the past, does he has a lot of positive feedback?

Second, make sure you get yourself educated. With our backlog of 3 years of Speedy Tuesday articles we surely have some comparison and learning material on Fratello Watches, but also have a look at the classic articles written by the late Chuck Maddox (it is exactly today that he passed away 7 years ago but it still seems like yesterday). We also informed you about the Moonwatch Only book a while ago, which is up till date the best reference on the subject in print. It will give you a lot of detailed information on most reference numbers, from the very first CK2915-1 till modern / current Speedmaster watches.

Omega Speedmaster Buyer's Guide

Once you’ve found a nice vintage Speedmaster, always ask for the serial/movement-number (not to be confused with the caliber number). Omega has an extract of the archives service that is able to indicate whether the movement was indeed delivered in a certain case reference, in what year and to which country. We’ve often come across movements that were initially delivered in different Omega replica watches than the watch being offered. Especially the first Speedmaster movement, caliber 321, can have a dodgy history.

One common misunderstanding we often see has to do with the reference/case number. Omega used references like 105.003, 145.012 and 145.022. However, they also put a two-digit year indicated after this reference number, like 145.022-76. Now, a lot of people (still) think it indicates the exact production year. This is not the case! You won’t find a 145.022-75 or 145.022-77 for example. So it merely says something about the production year of the case back part. The serial/movement number is KEY to indicate and determine the exact production date. On older models, this number is only engraved in one of the bridges of the movement, not on the case back or in one of the lugs. So you will have to remove the case back or ask the seller to do this for you. Any dates mentioned on papers or warranty booklets do not indicate the actual production year, merely the date of the sale.

To make it a bit more complicated, some times the extract of the archives will show you a production date and delivery date that leaves quite some room in between. How come? The serial number has been engraved in one of the bridges of the movement at the time of assembly of that movement, not when the Replica Omega Classic watches was completely assembled and made ready for shipment. This way, it could happen that a movement wasn’t used immediately but was stocked for a certain period. In general, we still use the serial number as production year indicator despite the gap it may show in the extract of the archives.

When you are certain about the production year and have the correct reference number, it is time to identify and authenticate the Omega Speedmaster (Professional). Are all parts time-correct? Are they all genuine? What type of bracelet should be on there?

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Replica Omega’s New Seamaster DIVER 300M ETNZ And Previous America’s Cup Models

Omega has a long time partnership with the Emirates Team New Zealand (ETNZ). In 1995, Omega started with the Sir Peter Blake’s American’s Cup campaign and again in 2000. You might remember the Replica Omega Seamaster 300M America’s Cup edition with white gold bezel from that time (see below). Also after Sir Peter Blake’s untimely death in 2001, Omega kept on supporting the ETNZ.

America's Cup Seamaster 300

Omega Seamaster Diver 300M ETNZ

The last Omega Seamaster Diver 300M ETNZ was introduced in 2013 and now Omega shows us the piece for the 35th America’s Cup World Series that will take place in 2017. With this new Seamaster Diver 300M ETNZ chronograph watch, Omega celebrates their partnership with the Emirates Team New Zealand.

Omega Seamaster Diver 300M ETNZ

This rugged sports watch has a number of typical Omega Seamaster 300M features, like the unmistakably case shape that cheap Omega replica watches uses since 1993, a black ceramic unidirectional rotating bezel and a crown located at 10 o’clock to operate the helium valve. The case is made of Grade-5 titanium and measures 44mm in diameter, a tad bit bigger than the older Seamaster 300M 41.5mm models.

At first I though the dial was made of platinum due to the color and the very fine grain. However, you never know from press images, it is actually made of Grade 5 titanium. Just like the case.

As you can see on the dial of the Seamaster 300M ETNZ , the minute counter at 3 o’clock has a 5-minute indicator for the regatta countdown. A very simple but effective way to start the regatta timer. So, no specific countdown mechanism is needed, just a push on the button and the scale will tell you when the race will start. The hour recorder at 6 o’clock has a neat shaped hand, which resembles one of those sailing flags.

Omega Seamaster 300M Diver ETNZ

Inside this Omega Seamaster Diver 300M ETNZ is the caliber 3330 movement, featuring the Co-Axial escapement and a Si14 silicon balance spring. The movement is chronometer certified (-4/+6 seconds a day deviation allowed). The caseback doesn’t show the movement but instead has been embossed with the official ETNZ logo.

The Omega Seamaster Diver 300M ETNZ has a retail price of CHF 6500 Swiss Francs and will be delivered this month to the markets.

Former Seamaster 300M America’s Cup models

We already showed you the first model of the Omega Seamaster 300M America’s Cup with the white gold bezel. That one is pretty sought-after right now but can still be found once in a while with an interesting price tag, some times for even lower prices than the original Omega Seamaster 300M ‘Bond’ 2531.80. This reference 2533.50.00 Seamaster 300M America’s Cup model was limited to 9999 pieces world wide and introduced in 2000. Sir Peter Blake (skipper of the winning Team New Zealand at the time) was already an Replica Omega Classic ambassador since 1995.

Seamaster 300M America's Cup

Clearly based on the original Seamaster 300M that was introduced by Omega in 1993, the America’s Cup already had a matching date disc wheel that you see now so often and was engraved in the case band. At that time, the Co-Axial movement was only found in the De Ville model (caliber 2500). This Seamaster 300M was based on the caliber 1120 movement, the same as used in the ‘base’ model 2531.80.

The next Omega Seamaster 300M America’s Cup was introduced in 2002 and was the reference 2594.50, a stainless steel chronograph model (caliber 3303 with column-wheel movement). There was also a titanium model and a titanium/tantalum/gold model. See the image below from Jean-Michael Mala for the all stainless steel version. This model was still more or less based on the original Seamaster 300M Chronograph series, but with an upgraded movement (no longer a Valjoux 7750 in the chronographs) and a Speedmaster-style bracelet. The diameter was also 41.5mm.


Not long after, Omega introduced the Seamaster Racing Chronometer. A watch with a real regatta countdown timer (10 minutes, the preparation signal with blue 5 minute indicators and the starting signal with red 5 minute indicators). This particular watch was co-developed by the Team New Zealand and introduced in 2003/2004. Even though this watch isn’t marked as an America’s Cup watch, it was used in several advertisement stating ‘The America’s Cup Choice’. This model had a caliber 3602A movement and the case measured 44mm. Available in stainless steel with a steel bracelet or with a rubber bracelet and available in titanium with titanium or rubber bracelet. Image below is from the original press release.

OMEGA Seamaster Chronograph Regatta Countdown Timer 2

In 2013, Omega introduced the Seamaster Diver 300M ETNZ America’s Cup. Similar to this year’s model, but with a different look. In stainless steel and either with red and black or yellow and black color schemes. Fitted with Omega’s caliber 3330 Co-Axial chronograph movement and limited to 2013 pieces only. The watch came on a stainless steel bracelet and with the rubber strap (as pictured below). This 44mm model is basically identical to this year’s model for the 35th America’s Cup World Series in 2017.

Omega Seamaster 300M Diver ETNZ

And now in 2015 latest replica Omega introduces the Seamaster Diver 300M ETNZ, a beautiful 44mm titanium America’s Cup watch with a ceramic bezel.

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Omega is well known for his series of cutting edge Omega Replica Seamaster 007 watches designed for some of the world’s top sportsmen, but he has now decided to pay tribute to his female clientele by opening a new boutique right in the heart of one of Paris’ most prestigious avenues.

Name:  Boutique Paris c Jerome Bryon.jpg<br />
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Renowned for its many art galleries, elegant cafés and luxury boutiques the new boutique is to be found at 17 Avenue Matignon in the 8th arrondisement, close to the Champs Elysées; a location internationally renowned for luxury, creativity and architectural refinement.

The 200m’ boutique is the biggest yet in Europe for the high-end brand and will present clients with more space in which to fully experience the brand. The Omega Replica De Ville watchmaking gallery was designed by M’lanie Monceyron to create an ambiance described as one of mellow reverie and passion.

Name:  Boutique Paris (4) c Jerome Bryon.jpg<br />
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The curved lines of the ceilings and walls contrast with the cold hardness of metal. The Macassar ebony display cases are suspended over broken glass. The cold lighting of the watch area complements the soft, oblique light of engraved glass and warm wood. In the private salon, the silky softness of cream metal blends perfectly with the walls of the cellar which contains 60 grand crus and a fine cigar collection for visiting gentlemen.

This collection of contrasts aims to highlight 40 men’s and women’s models, from sports Omega Replica Speedmaster Professional watches and high-performance timepieces to the new women’s collection and limited editions. The new Omega boutique will be open from Monday to Saturday, from 10.30 to 19:00 and customers can call in advance on +33 (0)1 40 15 10 00

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With just a few days to go until the French Open begins once more in Roland Garros, title champion Maria Sharapova and Japanese tennis ace Kei Nishikori answered the call from Omega Replica Watches for Sale to play the most original match on the circuit – in front of the boutique at 104 Champs-Elysées under the watchful eye of former tennis champion Michael Chang in the umpire’s chair.

Name:  TAG HEUER @ Julio Piatti_001 LD.jpg<br />
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Together, just for fun replica Omega and especially for the kids in hospital care for which Theodora provides relief through laughter, they competed in a most unusual tournament known as the Generosity Challenge. Each player took turns trying to hit targets on the boutique’s storefront window with foam balls.

The goal of the Generosity Challenge was to hit as many targets as possible in 2 x 3 minutes. Michael Chang held a Replica Omega Classic scoreboard which he activated each time the countdown began. Next, the two champions each coached a team of three children with their swing: they also had 2 x 3 minutes to hit as many targets with the foam balls as possible.

Name:  TAG HEUER @ Julio Piatti_012 LD.jpg<br />
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The event took place at 5:45 pm and was moderated by decathlon champion, TV commentator and Roland Garros presenter Marc Maury. Among the large crowd that formed in front of the boutique Omega fake watches there were banners written in Japanese and Russian, held up to cheer the two players on (fans signed them and wrote words of encouragement) during the challenge.

For the event’s finale, Mathieu Selzer, Director of Omega Replica Constellation France, presented Emmanuelle Vedrenne, Director of Theodora, with a check for 10,000 euros. The Theodora Association aims to lighten the load for kids in hospitals as well as autistic children in specialized institutions through visits by professional clowns specially trained to perform in care facilities and for young patents with special care needs.